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warriors emerge

Added on by Jovanni Luna.

warriors emerge

fire ignites generating holes thoroughly, tearing hell evenly utilizing ropes gently, equally, to open a grotesque replica ending every automated noise.

deconstructing diagrams, intensifying shapes accordingly, growing rapidly, even endlessly touching or securing our loved valuables, eventually organizing uniform rectangles.

purpose returns our basic linear energy.

making sacrifices will intersect the house, secrets trigger ordinary reality in experimental situations forming rooms outside, marking odd, useless reinterpretations.

death reaches exits at miraculous speeds, carefully rounding early autonomous territory in negative geometry.

wishful ornaments radiate kindness, trading horrors around technical bridges, relieving imagination, neglecting giant survivors.

universal security manufactures one record every hour and pretty pennies inside nest, eventually surpassing sales.

trampling horses achieve nirvana, nurturing a trick unifies random artificial language.

every xeric individual survives thirst in nightly gatherings.

storing, turning, rotating, excavating, scratching, stretching, increase nightmares living in false environments.