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as you awake to find yourself alone in what used to be a populated space, you begin to wander in search of someone else in search of comfort, but the longer you look the discomfort of being alone only increases. 


with the use of digital photography, nevin price-meador has managed to create a narrative about discovering isolation. using sources of light in each image nevin directs the viewer to keep searching, to keep moving forward. the time of day in which the photographs are taken reflects the location that is being viewed. it adds to the feeling of just missing the crowd of people populating the area. you've missed the opportunity and now you're stranded.

the subtle cues of previous human interactions in the spaces allude to the thought of being left behind, and further questions the idea of where everyone has gone and where do i go from here? the locations picked in this series of photographs are ones that look familiar but could not pin point an actual location. it is a case of deja vu, you feel as if you have been here before but don't know when or really where here is. 

successfully nevin keeps us looking for something, someone that will trigger in our minds where we are at, and that we are not alone, but in doing so we first must wander around almost aimlessly to discover the truth.

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