thats one

Added on by Jovanni Luna.

my first concern when beginning this project was the possibility of getting bored and finding ways to procrastinate or change my concept. luckily that has not happened and at this point in the progress i doubt i will ever get bored. two things happened that i did not expect. the physical and mental exhaustion. it seemed like a simple task, just cut and roll paint skin, and it is if i were only making a couple hundred. but thats not the case. i need several thousand, and i go into periods of making several hundred with little breaks. the pain that extends from my fingers up to my wrist was unimaginable for such a simple task. the mental part should have been known but i ignored the possibility. making thousands of these begins to play with your mind and question everything. by everything i mean the creation of the cylinders, the purpose of the entire project, the thesis, the purpose of my career choice of becoming an artist, and whether i will look back in fifty years and acknowledge the importance if this time and not the opposite and regret it all and realize that i spent thousands of hours rolling up paint skin.