*influenced by everything we do, and everywhere we go. everyone we encounter. strangers, friends, family, that one person that is walking or driving too slow in front of you. it is too hot or too cold, or maybe it is actually perfect outside, but you are stuck inside. your dreams are big and at times unrealistic, but here we are trying to find spare time to rest and sleep. every emotion you can think of and those that you are unaware of, layered tightly into one moment. so many sacrifices but what is too many sacrifices. this is me, but it could be you. it could be us. it could be them. it is our story.*

The use of donated latex house paint has evolved from an economical standpoint, to a method of recycling a material that might have been forgotten in the corners of homes. It is about staying loyal to a material that has allowed me to manipulate it to the extent of my curiosity.

Layers are being added to all the creations, the paintskins, this statement and the artist himself, in a constant state of evolution.